About Us

Tarana Art & Music™ (Regd. NGO) is an Organization of Art, Music and Dance has been working in Delhi since January 2004 with its corporate office – JF/50, Khirki Extension, Gupta Colony, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017 and affiliated to Sarbabharatiya Sangeet O Sanskriti Parishad, Kolkata, India(recognized by Raja Man Singh Tomar University, Gwalior & Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwa Vidyalaya, Khhairagarh, Chattisgarh). Within this short period it is going very rapidly towards its goal and spreading its wings in Delhi, Mumbai and Abroad also. Sri Navanil Chaudhuri is the brain and architect of Tarana Art & Music™ has been holding the rope since its inception.

TAM has been conducting State and National Level Competitions, Exhibitions and Annual Programs for Students and Budding Talents. Of late it has been conducting various Cultural & Classical Programs during past few years, providing a platform for the budding artist to showcase their talents in Art (Basic to Professional) , Music (Vocal and Instrumental like Keyboard, Tabla, Guitar, Congo, Dholak, Octopad etc), Dance (Kathak, Folk, Creative, Western etc) and Vocal Music with live Orchestra.

TAM also conducts Summer Workshop in May – June every year. Number of boys and girls join and learn various Craft Works such as Collage making by waste materials, Doll making by waste paper and cloth, Varieties of Crystal works, Candle Making and all types of Art forms etc. The Organization gives opportunity to the learners to make them self sufficient and help them to earn subsidiary income.

Every year TAM publishes its yearly Magazine in the name of “KALA PRAVAH” and launches it by the Renowned World Class Artists. The endeavor is to cover up by the blessings of Gurus, write up & articles of the Artists & Events and various works of Students of TAM.

Many young Maestros and World Class Artists of our country and abroad of various Art Forms performed under TAM’s Banner. So far TAM organized 30 events including its Annual day in which two events organized at Gwalior in 2015& 2017 in the name of Delhi- Gwalior Sangeet Utsav and conferred awards among 87 Artists right from young generation to world class maestros in various art forms.

TAM is an Organization which gives opportunity to the students to upgrade their Skills and Knowledge and to promote Indian Art & Culture. The Organization is imparting good quality and strong knowledge base to each and every individual who wishes to seek guidance and upholds the cultural values in their hearts. Each member of the academy gets a fair chance of bringing their talents into the Public Arena. TAM is having great vision for the students to create bright future with name, fame & artistic background.

TAM wishes to spread its branches for working among the students for up gradation of their skills, find out their talents and bring them into limelight and overall cater to the great task of propagation and preservation of Indian Art and Culture.

TAM brings out the hidden talents from each and every individual those who have potentialities to achieve something in their lives through curricular activities. There are always some students who are backward in studies and they suffer inferiority complex inside themselves. Gradually these students grow a strong disgust for schools and classroom activities. These backward students may have tremendous potentialities in co-curricular activities like singing, reciting, dancing, drawing etc. If once, these talents are recognized and they are appreciated properly by the teachers, the students will regain their lost confidence. And confidence is the driving force of life which makes the students capable to make Impossible Things Possible.

TAM have their own unit where professional teachers are providing training and encouraging students to stretch their wings above and beyond the boundaries with their respective subjects like Vocal, Art, Dance, and Musical Instruments. These ensure the harmonious growth of personality in children. It is source of strength for streamlining the talents of the child. It also helps to improve analytical thirst for knowledge, competitive spirit, and communication ability. By providing and organizing various co-curricular activities we can create a wholesome environment in the classroom where students will get ample opportunities to develop their inner faculties. If confidence is developed among students at the schools it will continue throughout the life. Gradually they will overcome their shyness and will participate more spontaneously.

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